Quick Asparagus with a dip

Ok this is starter or a snack that couldn’t be easier! It is great as a starter when the main dish is time-consuming and you really want to make something quick but very tasty. It is also awesome for a healthy snack. I think that even kids will try to like it! 🙂

What will you need:

  • asparagus

For the dip:

  • mayo
  • french mustard
  • milk

How to make it:

1. Heat grill pan (if you don’t have grill pan you can use normal pan instead but make sure not to put oil on it – instead you can put a little bit of salt and wait until salt will start to pop – it will mean that the pan is ready and you don’t need to put any oil and nothing will stick). It should be like medium hot otherwise it will burn very quickly.

2. Put asparagus and let it fry. It should get caramelised on both sides.

3. In the meantime you can prepare dip: all you have to do is to stir few spoons of mayo with few spoons of mustard and milk. It really depends on you – if you like more spicy put more mustard.

Ta dah! That’s it! I have told you it is easy and quick! Nevertheless, taste is still sophisticated and will fit into big parties or evenings with your family.